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All therapists are experienced and members of the BACP (or UKCP), respecting the values of the ATTC.

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At Attachment Trauma Therapy Clinic (ATTC) we offer our adult clients open-ended psychotherapy and low-cost time-limited counselling.

All our therapists are experienced and skilled in providing trauma informed therapy with the main premise that early life experiences and relationships have a profound impact on how people engage in their contemporary relationships, mainly intimate relationships and ones with authority.

Please read profiles of individual therapists to learn more about their unique styles and approaches.

All our private therapists are fully qualified, fully insured, experienced and accredited either with BACP or UKCP.
All our low-cost therapists are studying counselling and/or psychotherapy at institutions which are accredited either by BACP or UKCP. They are experienced and fully insured as well. For information regarding Student Placement please read here.

All therapists receive robust clinical supervision.

You are always encouraged to contact us and ask questions, so that you are clear about what is on offer and what to expect.

Our mission is to provide an accessible long-term therapy to people whose lives have been affected by traumatic events, mainly to those who were not lucky enough to have received nurturing parenting and caring growing up.

Our values are aligned with the values proposed and exercised by the BACP and also by the man, whose work inspired Mirek Polanowski (the founder of ATTC) to become curious about people, especially about the influence and effects of childhood trauma (unfavourable relationships with primary carers) on adult relationships. This man was a paediatrician, pedagogue, writer and a thinker – Janusz Korczak.

The values are:

  • Respect for the child
  • Independence
  • Providing the right conditions for growth
  • Freedom to create
  • Games and Play
The caregiver who frees rather than forces, lifts rather than drags, shapes rather than pinches, teaches rather than dictates, asks rather than demands, will experience many inspired moments with a child, will not infrequently watch teary-eyed as the angel fights with the devil, with the white angel carrying the day.
Janusz Korczak

ABOUT ME Mirek Polanowski

I specialise in working within the areas of relationship issues, attachment issues (including couples), anxiety (including generalised anxiety disorder), panic attacks, addictions (e.g. alcohol, drugs, gambling), trauma (including early childhood), depression and issues stemming from early childhood.

As a fully qualified and experienced counsellor and a member of the BACP I fully adhere to their code of ethics and good practice. My clinical work is regularly supervised by an experienced BACP registered supervisor.



We used Mirek’s services for a several sessions only. We could not communicate anymore and we started the separation process. However, in sessions we learnt how to speak with each other again and we rediscovered love and passion for one another. Mirek offered not only a safe space in which we could address our issues but also psycho-education which helped us understand our attachment styles and trauma responses. We are so grateful. Thank you!
Emilie and Johan