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ATTC Low-Cost
Counselling Service


At ATTC we recognise that counselling should be easily accessible by everyone and that everyone should have an opportunity to engage in a therapeutically healing relationships. Disappointingly we know that is not the case. Therefore we decided to set up a low cost service for those with limited financial abilities.

The ATTC low-cost counselling service is designed to offer therapy to individual adult clients aged 18 and above. Counselling is offered both in person and on-line by counsellors and psychotherapists in training on counselling and psychotherapy trainings accredited by BACP and UKCP. Please bear in mind that most counsellors in training are required to record some sessions for their development purposes. Any recordings will be kept securely and once no longer needed in training they will be permanently deleted.

Current waiting time to be seen by one our low cost counsellors is up to 12 weeks.

Registration Process

You can begin the process of finding a counsellor by filling out the registration form (click button above). There is a £25 registration fee, which will cover an assessment of your clinical needs and a placement with a suitable counsellor.

Once you have submitted the registration form, the Counselling Service will contact you to arrange an appointment for the telephone or on-line assessment.
The assessment will take up to 50minutes and will involve us asking detailed questions about your life, including the physical, emotional and financial situation. In some cases we may decide that clients may not be suitable for work with counsellors in-training.

After the assessment the client will be carefully matched with a counsellor. Current wait to begin counselling is up to 12 weeks.

Issues we work with

At our low-cost counselling service you can address the following issues:

  • Relationships
  • Communication
  • Feeling anxious and depressed
  • Feeling a sense of low self-worth
  • Feeling that life is hard and it’s difficult to cope
  • Repeating unhelpful patterns of behaviour
  • Searching for meaning of own life
  • Feelings associated with loss
Our limitations

Our low-cost counselling service is not a fit-for-all service and we recognise our limitations. Generally, the service is unlikely to be suitable for clients who:

  • are actively engaging in addiction related behaviours (eg alcohol, drugs, gambling)
  • suffer from eating disorders and/or PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder)
  • have bipolar affective disorder, borderline or antisocial personality disorder
  • are already receiving psychological therapy in another service
  • are trainee counsellors or psychotherapists themselves

Sessions are available both on-line (UK based clients only) and in person in our office near the Waterloo Station.


Low-cost counselling session fees are between £25 and £45 and are usually offered to students and people who are in receipt of benefits. Documentation evidence regarding income will be required during the assessment.

As a client you can have low-cost counselling for both short and long-term therapy.

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