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We are an established group of experienced therapists with 10+ years of experience, providing counselling and therapy within a variety of settings. Please read individual therapists' bios.

ABOUT MEMirek Polanowski

I specialise in working within the areas of relationship issues, attachment issues (including couples), anxiety (including generalised anxiety disorder), panic attacks, addictions (e.g. alcohol, drugs, gambling), trauma (including early childhood), depression and issues stemming from early childhood.

As a fully qualified and experienced counsellor and a member of the BACP I fully adhere to their code of ethics and good practice. My clinical work is regularly supervised by an experienced BACP registered supervisor.


I believe that childhood experiences can play a very important role in our adult lives and that we are often influenced by them in a way that we think, feel and act. Both counselling and psychotherapy can help untangle what is current and what is the unhelpful remnant of the past. This does not mean that you will be expected to explore your past, however if you felt this to be relevant I will facilitate the process for you in such a way that is safe, appropriately paced and helpful. It is my experience that just by making links with our early experiences we often begin to feel better and usually the obvious presenting issues (e.g. anxiety, sadness, panic attacks) subside. Further exploration tends to lead to achieving deeper and much more permanent changes within the psyche.

In sessions I am unlikely to tell you what decisions you should make but I will provide a safe space for you to explore things that matter to you and to make sense of what seems too difficult to understand and to change with the current resources.

Experience – therapy, supervision and teaching

I have extensive experience of working in private practice but also within agencies specialising in working with addictions, trauma, domestic violence.
I also offer clinical supervision to those who begin to practice and those already experienced. I have extensive experience (time limited counselling, open-ended, IAPT based) of providing clinical supervision for the Brent Bereavement Counselling Service, The Awareness Centre in Clapham, De Paul in Southwark and CPPD in North London.
I teach counselling at The Awareness Centre and CPPD.

I offer a structured approach to working with addictions. In many cases addiction is often a manifestation of a hidden difficulty, one which may be difficult to spot and define. There may be a lot of causes of addiction and the integrative model, which I subscribe to, helps us consider the matter from several perspectives (e.g. biological, social, physical, spiritual). This is often sufficient to determine the root cause of your addiction and also to design a unique treatment package for you – cognitive-behavioural, more exploratory with the closer examination of the early patterns of the attachment or the combination of both.

When we meet for the initial consultation session we will be able to hear your story, learn about the addiction and decide the way forward. Together we will be able to choose the right treatment option, which will consist of 6, 12 or 18 sessions.

In general the type of option you choose will depend on the aim of therapy – working towards, abstinence, reduction or preventing relapse. These options are designed as an alternative to seeking structured support within residential settings.

Please get in touch to discuss your treatment and choose the right option.

  • communication issues
  • bereavement and loss
  • co-dependency
  • feelings of emptiness and loneliness
  • low self-esteem
  • feelings of shame and guilt
  • assertiveness
  • excessive worrying
  • anger issues
  • obsessive behaviours
  • men and masculinity issues
  • the effects of physical, emotional and sexual abuse
  • intimacy and trust
  • panic attacks
  • sense of identity
  • shyness
  • social anxiety
  • attachment issues

I offer clinical supervision both on an individual and group basis. I have experience of providing both long-term as well as ad hoc supervision sessions. I have worked for a number organisations, including ones supporting people with complex needs as well as within IAPT.

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